Case Studies:

Below are four case studies of past work done by Mike Laws and his team that demonstrate how Laws Logistics can help your company.

Performance Produce Expansion

Performance Produce, a North Carolina-based repacking and distribution business, contracted with Laws Logistics for help with a major expansion to serve the growing needs of one of its major retail accounts.
Working with Mike Laws, Performance Produce was able to reconfigure an extremely cost-effective system, utilizing both truck and rail shipments into and out of their existing operation. Although the facility was strategically located near a railroad line, the tracks were no longer operational. Since all railroad tracks in North Carolina are owned by the state, the job entailed complex negotiations with the government agency in charge of maintaining and renovating the lines.

For over a year, Mike coordinated the logistics of the expansion and managed vendors. The job included working with both the railroad company and the state to ensure the rail lines were upgraded, rates were negotiated, and equipment was secured to meet Performance Produce’s increased needs.

Mike’s vast industry experience, which includes past employment for a railroad company, proved invaluable to this produce company. Performance Produce continues to take advantage of the low freight rates available through their on-site rail service. They’ve also been able to sell rail services as a third-party shipper and receiver of products because of the unique system built with the help of Laws Logistics.

Fresh Tec Storage Innovation

Fresh Tec Inc sells packaging innovations that can dramatically extend the shelf life for a host of perishable products, from produce and floral items to meat, seafood, and even cannabis. This innovative technology allows producers and consumers to keep perishable products fresher for longer periods and significantly reduces waste.

The technology is also something of a supply chain game changer, allowing shippers to select less expensive transportation options for highly perishable products. For example, fresh berries that are normally shipped by air to Asia can go by boat when they are packed using Fresh Tec’s shipping containers or consumer packaging. The technology can have a huge impact on shipping time and costs as well as on other supply chain logistics, from production to warehousing.

To help Fresh Tec promote its new product and gain more customers, the company called on Laws Logistics to develop a series of reports — based on real-life data — to model changes in the supply chain and quantify the cost savings for potential customers who utilize their new technology. The reports are used as tools to help Fresh Tec increase sales of this new product.

Mike Laws’ years of experience gives him the unique ability to understand how something as specific as product packaging can dramatically impact product flow and costs throughout the entire supply chain. This kind of expertise is invaluable to perishables businesses and is not likely something you currently have on staff.

Airport Cold Storage Saves Time and Money for Importers and Retailers

In 2017, Laws Logistics was called in to consult on a project for an international freight forwarding company looking to build a cold storage warehouse for produce and floral products. Mike Laws utilized numerous connections within his network of associates to conceptualize and guide this business in the development of a facility at the Huntsville International Airport.

Mike recognized this airport in Huntsville was strategically located within one day’s truck ride of 47 major retail distribution facilities, including 11 Walmart Distribution Centers. At certain times of the year, importing goods directly into this airport saved considerable money and time when compared to options in Miami or other parts of the country. Walmart executives quickly became interested in seeing this facility built.

Mike consulted on this project for over two years, not just assisting with the nuts and bolts of building the facility itself, but in ensuring that issues concerning food safety, quality control, and regulations specific to the handling of perishables were addressed. The operation did, in fact, have two very successful shipping seasons at considerable cost savings to all involved before it was sold to another interest.

Expertise in Freight Claim Litigation

In recent years, Mike Laws has been called in to assist as an expert witness by attorneys representing companies involved in freight claim litigation. Attorneys recognize Mike’s knowledge of trucking issues and have utilized the services of Laws Logistics to conduct investigations and provide expert testimony on behalf of their clients.

Of course, we’re not able to provide specific information about any of these cases. But leave it to say that if you find yourself in a lawsuit involving a freight claim, you may want to give your attorney Mike’s number.