Why LAWS Logistics?

Produce and perishables businesses face unique challenges. The fast-paced nature of this industry demands a focus on immediate needs to ensure a product moves quickly through your systems.

Laws Logistics offers a fresh look at your operations to help you move beyond tactical issues toward strategies that will make your business more efficient and profitable.

Whether you want

  • To fix a specific logistical issue
  • A total systems redesign.
  • To expand your operations.
  • Help in preventing and managing freight claims.
  • To run as efficiently and profitably as possible.

Laws Logistics can help.

Our Process

The Laws Logistics team has vast experience in working with businesses like yours. We understand how to maximize efficiencies and productivity. We’ll examine your current product flow systems in a way you’re probably too close to doing. We can help identify strategies that will drive real improvement.

Here’s some of what Laws Logistics will do:

  • Conduct an initial high-level assessment of your current operations.
  • Start with senior management and work their way down throughout your supply chain.
  • Examine and redesign product flow processes.
  • Improve communications and collaboration.
  • Utilize data that are probably being ignored.
  • Measure your transportation program. (Hint: this is a huge number on your bottom line!)
  • Assist with freight claims and help prevent them in the future.

What We Do

  • Initial high-level assessment of your supply chain.
  • Work with senior management to clearly define project goals.
  • Collaborate with your team to develop a customized strategy.
  • Design supply chain processes and KPIs.
  • Provide support through final plan development and execution.
  • Periodic reviews supporting business model changes.